Acoustic considerations are a critical aspect of the architectural and building services (MEP) designs, and they are necessary to achieve both regulatory compliance and an appropriate standard of amenity.

Whether you are developing to regulatory requirements or to a premium brand standard, Metro Dynamics adds value to your project by helping you manage risks in an economical way while ensuring that your investment in materials and constructions achieves the outcome you need and expect.

Here are some of the aspects of design that Metro Dynamics can assist with:

  • Environmental noise measurement and analysis
  • Drawing and material selection review
  • Compliance assessment
  • Glazing selections and facade design for outdoor sound insulation
  • Internal wall and floor sound insulation
  • Interior finishes for speech or music intelligibility and acoustic comfort
  • Plant equipment and building machinery noise and vibration control
  • Attenuation of outdoor noise intrusion and environmental noise emission
  • Aero-acoustic effects of wind airflow and pressure differences
  • Equipment seismic restraint design

An experienced and knowledgeable consultant doesn’t just write specs. Acoustics is relevant to many different design disciplines, and Metro Dynamics advice helps the integration and coordination of different design elements.

Construction Stage Services

Acoustic outcomes depend on how details are executed in construction, a balancing act of specification requirements, availability of materials, and the limitations of access, cost, and time. You need a consultant with real site experience who can make decisions quickly, solve problems collaboratively, and provide practical advice to keep work going.

Here are some of the construction stage services that Metro Dynamics can assist with:

  • Value engineering and optimised advice for acoustics and vibration isolation
  • Materials and constructions optimisation to meet performance requirements
  • Fan and duct attenuation selections for low noise and optimal energy performance
  • Material submission and shop drawing review
  • Site inspections, acoustic and vibration problem-solving
  • Compliance testing of noise levels, sound insulation, and vibration